Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ladies do need leather chaps


Leather leggings joined by a belt or lacing, often having flared outer flaps, and worn over the trousers (as by western ranch hands). Leather chaps were worn in the old west by cowboys riding their horses. Cowboys & cowgirls wore them over their pants to protect themselves and keep warm. The wearing of leather chaps was later adapted to the "iron horse". Motorcycle riders wear leather chaps to keep themselves warm and to protect them from road rash in the event of a crash or fall. In modern times, leather chaps have become not just rider protection but they are also a fashion statement! Men, women, and kids all have a wide variety of leather chaps available to choose from!

Chaps are sturdy coverings for the legs consisting of leggings and a belt. They are buckled on over trousers with the chaps' integrated belt, but unlike trousers they have no seat and are not joined at the crotch. They are designed to provide protection for the legs and are usually made of leather or a leather-like material. They are most commonly associated with the cowboy culture of the American west as a protective garment to be used when riding a horse through brushy terrain. In the modern world, they are worn for both practical work purposes and for exhibition or show use.

Chaps can be found in a variety of styles with many different details such as leather chaps. Full length chaps are attached at the waist with the seat missing to allow contact with the saddle and the rider’s legs are fully covered with the seam on the outside of the leg for comfort. These are not commonly worn in English riding although they can provide a great source of warmth and comfort. Half chaps, as the name suggests, are worn on the lower legs. They too can be made from a variety of materials, and are worn for additional comfort when riding. Usually chaps are fitted with a zip or Velcro down the outside of the leg with a strap under the foot to fasten them into place. When worn with Jodhpur boots they help to limit chafing between the saddle and the lower leg and prevent Jodhpur boots from rising up.

Ladies chaps
Ladies chaps are readily available in market and just like men's chaps these ladies chaps are used while riding motorcycles and horses. These ladies chaps are made from fine quality leather and play an important role in protecting their soft legs. Ladies chaps are available in various designs and shapes. Some of the ladies chaps that are available in market are as follows.
- Ultra suede fringed ladies chaps: These chaps are available in various colors and used by ladies while riding horses. These chaps protect the rider from wind and snowy weather.


- Ladies tone half chaps: These ladies chaps are very comfortable while riding motorcycle and horse. A Ladies tone half chap is washable and has stretchable elastic to fit perfectly for various sizes of legs.
- Elite colored half chaps: These chaps are available in various attractive colors and mostly preferred by ladies who are not professional horse riders and motorcyclists. These chaps can be washed in washing machines.

- Icon ladies kitty chaps: These chaps are provided with full-length metal zips for easy removal and are manufactured from fine quality leathers that last for longer duration. These chaps are normally pink in color to match the skin color of the ladies.

Ladies leather motorcycle chaps: It is manufactured from genuine leather and available in full length along with facility of zip closing. These chaps are worn on lower legs to provide comfortable and easy movement of the lower legs during motorcycle driving.


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